Artwork and Print Inspection in Pre-Press

New Artwork

With every new piece of artwork you create you want to be absolutely sure that

  • any text included in the artwork file matches the customer's requirements.
  • barcode designs conform with applicable standards
  • barcodes contain the required information matching the human readable text underneath

New Revisions

Whenever a new version of an existing artwork file is being created, you want to be absolutely sure that

  • all required changes have been implemented correctly and
  • no further alterations have been introduced inadvertently

Artwork Verification

The EyeC Proofiler Graphics is a powerful comparator tool designed to be used in artwork design and pre-press departments for print proofing and file-to-file comparison.

If equipped with the Barcode Inspection Option, all barcodes will be identified, decoded and inspected against applicable standards, i.e. for sufficient contrast and correctly designed quiet zones.

Text Verification

With the EyeC Text verification option the artwork file content can be verified against a customer supplied text file or - in case of a pharmaceutical product - against the text contained in the FDA-approved manuscript file.
That way you can eliminate typos and other content deviations before the first printing plate is being made.

Print Inspection by Industry Image