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Our EyeC Proofiler is an auto- mated print inspection system performing sample tests for content verification and quality control. Read more about EyeC Proofiler Print Inspection Systems.

EyeC Applications

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EyeC provides complete solutions for your Inspection needs. From integration in your IT-Infrastructure, 2-D Barcode verification, Braille verification and more. Find out how we can help you!

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Our print inspection systems are designed for the print industry like pre-press departments, press shops, quality assurance and quality control. Read more about the specific industries we serve.

Welcome to EyeC

EyeC is a leading vision technology company based in Hamburg, Germany. We are focused exclusively on high performance print inspection systems for the print industry.

The EyeC ProofRunner combines fast and accurate 100% inspection, basic content verification as well as true mix-up prevention - all in one system.

Unlike any other inline inspection system on the market, the ProofRunner includes a link to Prepress to make sure every printed item gets ultimately checked against your customer proof, not just a golden template that may or may not be flawless to begin with.

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