ProofRunner Inline Print Inspection

100% Print Inspection Compared To Customer Proof!

Finally there is an easy way to check all your prints against your customer proof! With an EyeC ProofRunner ™ you get automatic 100% inspection, content verification against your customer proof as well as the best mix-up prevention you can imagine. Labels and inserts get inspected right on the press (sheet-fed or web-fed) or on a rewinder, Cartons can be inspected on the press, on a folder-gluer or even on a dedicated conveyor.

Options include barcode grading, sequential number verification, clear-on-clear inspection.

The process is simple and yields accurate results. 100% inspected, 100% content verified and 100% compared to the customer proof!

Easy to use

The EyeC ProofRunner™ has been designed with ease of use in mind. Any print machine operator can perform a meaningful inline inspection within minutes.

  • The customer proof is loaded automatically based on the entered job data.
  • All items across the web are automatically identified.
  • Irrelevant areas are automatically disregarded
  • Significant deviations are brought to the operator’s attention.
  • A full job report is instantly available.

We test against the PDF!

The ProofRunner includes a link to prepress making sure every printed item gets ultimately checked against your customer proof, not just a golden template that may or may not be flawless to begin with.


The EyeC ProofRunner™ uses a compact, high speed line scan camera to continuously acquire a high resolution image of the entire web. A high performance computer system then identifies all printed items on the web and tracks them through the entire print or converting run. The same computer also performs an intelligent comparison of each printed item against the customer proof. The advanced pattern analysis of the EyeC ProofRunner ™ is capable of distinguishing between the different types of defects, so every significant deviation will get caught and displayed while permissible fluctuations caused by the printing process itself such as minor registration errors or small squeeze marks around individual letters can be automatically passed.


The EyeC ProofRunner™ finds all typical defects such as:

  • Missing parts of letters
  • Filled in letters
  • Hickeys
  • Smudges
  • Missing ink
  • Spots
  • Incorrect color selection