Proofiler Graphic File-to-File Comparison

Effective Pre-Press Proofing and Artwork Comparisons

File-to-File Comparison

The Proofiler Graphic from EyeC is a powerful software comparator that is used in pre-press departments for print proofing and to compare graphical files, for example PDF to PDF, TIFF to PDF, JPEG to BMP etc; ultimately the customer proof can be checked against the RIP'd print-ready-file.

Whenever a new version of an existing artwork file is being created, you want to be absolutely sure that

  • All required changes have been implemented correctly,
  • No further alterations have been introduced inadvertently.

This is exactly what the Proofiler Graphic will do for you reliably and with repeatable results.

A Proofiler Graphic will detect:

  • Content errors of any kind
  • Version mix-ups
  • Font changes
  • Missing special fonts
  • Incorrect character spacing
  • Missing special characters
  • Incorrect font attributes
  • Incorrect picture files
  • Wrong bar codes
  • Wrong colors
  • Incorrect barcode design (optional)

and more.

With an EyeC Proofiler Graphic you will stop wasting expensive consumables and valuable machine time because of problems that could have been detected at pre-press already.