EyeC America Print Inspection Systems

Print Inspection Systems

EyeC's Print Inspection Systems are used by pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract packaging companies, high quality branded goods manufacturers and, of course, printers.

We provide solutions for the most common inspection needs within that process. Our technology helps ensuring and improving quality, reducing scrap and increasing profit.

Offline Sample Testing

With an EyeC Proofiler™ you can perform detailed sample tests for content verification and print quality control during press make-ready as well as in any other step of the process. The EyeC Proofiler may be equipped with barcode grading and Braille testing options.

Inline Systems

The EyeC ProofRunner™, performs automatic 100% inspection of all items across the web, right on the press or on a rewinder. With its optional link to prepress you also get content verification against your customer proof and the best mix-up prevention you can imagine.

File-to-File Systems

The EyeC Proofiler Graphic is a powerful file-to-file comparator used in pre-press for print proofing and comparing graphical files; Making sure all intended changes are accounted for, and that no other changes have been made inadvertently.